Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What are the main differences between currently available treadmills?

    Rehabilitation treadmills for dogs can be separated into two groups:

    • dogs are inserted from above and lowered into the pool,
    • dogs are inserted through a door, with a pool that fills up to an appropriate level.

    We had the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with both groups, and decided that out treadmill would belong to group a. Its crucial characteristics are:

    • when working with small patients, the therapist does not have to submerge into the water and can work in an upright position,
    • it does not require much space, as no extra container is needed to store drained water,
    • there is no need to consider the space “in front of the animal’s nose” when planning the treadmill’s length,
    • the factors listed above influence the volume of water required by the system, which in turn influences the costs of water and its heating.

    Regardless of the type of the treadmill, one must also consider the following factors:

    • operation costs – including not only the cost of energy needed to heat the water, but also the cost of wear parts (such as filter cartridges). The system we created guarantees the lowest energy consumption from all available treadmills,
    • water disinfection. Only chlorination ensures complete and total disinfection (meeting the legal requirements for public pools). Most of our competitors don’t use it, since it’s damaging to the construction materials they use,
    • service availability – we offer manufacturer service.
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    What kind of space is needed?

    Minimum dimensions are 2.5m x 2.5m. We recommend, of course, securing more space than this, for your own convenience.

    We also recommend keeping the control cabinets and the driving units in a separate room (bathroom, for example). Such a solution enhances the comfort of work.

    We encourage you to read our installation guidelines.

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    How often must water be replaced?

    The treadmill is fitted with a filtration system. Assuming the average level of patient cleanliness, water should be exchanged every two weeks. Bad weather and working with dirty dogs may require more frequent water exchange.

  4. 4
    What is the filtration system made of?

    The filtration system consists of a pump, a cartridge filter or sand filter, and a heating element.

    Additionally, certain features may be factory-installed:

    • heat exchanger (enabling the connection of the treadmill to a central heating system, solar panels, or heat pump),
    • system for automatic chlorination and pH level control,
    • system for the automatic maintenance of water level and spillage prevention.
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    Can I still use the treadmill if I don’t have a 400V power connection?

    On request, we can make a treadmill adjusted to your power source. In case of 230V power supply, we reduce the power of heating elements to 4kW, so as not to overload your power system.

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    How big a dog may use the FIZJOPET water treadmill?

    The treadmill is suitable for dogs of all sizes. The maximum permissible patient weight is 100 kg (when wet!).

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    Do you provide operation training for your devices?

    Those who purchase our devices are entitled to a 3-day training at our Animal Rehabilitation Centre. It is a chance to become familiar with the operating procedures and the therapeutic process – free of charge. In addition, we offer an hour-long post-installation training in the operation of our devices.

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    How do I order my treadmill?

    Products are shipped once the contract is signed and the pre-payment credited to our account. The delivery usually takes 4-8 weeks.

    It depends on the availability and current production stage.

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    How long is the warranty period?

    Warranty for our products is a Limited Warranty. Most typically it covers the period of two years.