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General terms

Warranty repairs within countries listed in the warranty are free of charge, with the exception of faults resulting from the user’s negligence. ex. mechanical damage resulting from a fall, spillage of liquid, cleaning with aggressive agents, etc.

Warranty repairs are carried out only if the Client’s Warranty Card is properly filled in and signed.

The warranty does not cover wear parts (filters, sealing), window shields, and other elements specified in the detailed conditions of the warranty.

Post-warranty repairs are paid.

Shipping costs are borne by the user.

Services provided as part of post-warranty repair have the warranty period of one year.

Periodic inspections are arranged with service workers and carried out at the client’s premises.

Rules for post-warranty repairs apply here as well.

Details, such as inspection scope, schedule and costs are subject to individual negotiations with the service employees.

Forms are available in the DOWNLOADS section.